A Lavender Mermaid!

Okay, I know it may seem like I make only Lalylala dolls now – I am working on other things, but a lot of them are top secret projects that I can’t talk about yet. All will be revealed in time, but for today…yes, I made another one! This time I decided to try Mici the Mermaid, and she’s probably my favorite so far.Purple Lalylala Mici the Mermaid holding buttercups

We have about a million buttercups in our yard right now (which I love), so I thought I’d use some as props, and I love how these pictures turned out. Purple Lalylala Mici the Mermaid holding buttercups

Mici is made of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in colors Cloud and Haze Heather (with a little scrap ball of dark purple for her girdle), and size 2.75mm hook. I also used a gold metallic thread mixed in for the tail and hair; it was really difficult to get a good picture of it, but you can see it a bit in the photo above. A tip on the thread if you decide to do this: make sure you buy a bunch of spools! The yardage did not last as long as I thought it would, and I kept having to go buy more. I think I ended up using about 6 spools of this DMC thread.Purple Lalylala Mici the Mermaid in bunch of white peoniesI like using wool to make these toys, because it’s kind of sticky and sets up well when you stuff them, but the downside is that you can’t just throw it in the washing machine. I usually recommend that toys be hand washed anyway, to keep the stuffing where it should be, but it’s nice to have the option if you’re in a hurry. Still, the colors that Wool of the Andes is available in are hard to pass up, and it’s nice to work with.

The body and tail were pretty easy on this one, but the hair was incredibly time consuming! Each little swirl is individually crocheted and then hand sewn onto the head…not quick process. This is her after the first row, about the time I realized this was going to take me a lot longer than I thought!Purple Lalylala Mici the Mermaid in process of getting hair

Yeah. It was a lot of work. But when she was all done…man was I in love!Purple Lalylala Mici the Mermaid sitting in a tree

I’ve seen from some other people that they made their Micis a little bikini top to wear, and I also toyed with sewing or knitting one, but nothing I designed looked quite right, and in the end I just left her the way she was. I think it works! If you like my Mici (or want one in another color!, she’s available to purchase in the Etsy Shop, or you can get the pattern to make your own over at the Lalylala website!

Purple Lalylala Mici the Mermaid laying on bricks

Have a great weekend everyone!

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Once a month, a group of us get together for a crafting day. We all really look forward to a few hours of girl time, and, of course, making cool things. This month we decided to go with decorating pumpkins, for obvious reasons :P. We trekked out to a local pumpkin patch and got a nice assortment of small to medium sized ones, plus some extra goodies:

Pumpkins in the back of a car

We decided we didn’t want to mess around with carving, so we each brought stuff to decorate. There was glitter, paint, rhinestones, buttons, ribbon…all kinds of stuff! We used spray paint as a base for a few of them, which worked well as long as you weren’t messing around with them too much afterward (they spray paint didn’t adhere super well but definitely enough to work).

Spray painting a pumpkin

Destiny did an awesome drip on one of hers:

pumpkin spray painted black

She eventually added some cobwebs and hot glue/glitter spiders (this is a genius idea and I may steal it to do a tutorial one of these days!):

Spider decoration made from hot glue

Meanwhile, I started rhinestoning my littlest pumpkin, which was super time consuming, so if you decide to try this…use a really small pumpkin! I actually didn’t end up finishing it that day, so I need to do the bottom half at some point this week.

Pumpkin with rhinestones on it

Britney decided to decorate a few of hers with buttons, and I think you’ll agree that they turned out so cute:

Pumpkins with button faces

That baby pumpkin with the pacifier is the best, seriously. The rest of hers (she was making some to give to family) were also pretty adorable:

Pumpkins decorated with paint and glitter and ribbons

Like the rhinestones, the ribbon was pretty time consuming, so give plenty of time for that one too. I think it’s cute enough to be worth it, but if your time is limited, glitter is always a good option! I used painters tape to section one of mine and took the opportunity to put tons of orange glitter on it.

Pumpkins with black stripes and orange glitter

D found this bigger green pumpkin at the patch and turned it into a grinning witch with a glittery hat:

Pumpkin with a pained witch face

And for my last two, I went with glitter polka dots, bows, and flowers (affixed with a hot glue gun):

Pumpkin painted bronze with glitter polka dots and a bow

And black with pink polka dots (painted with my Martha Stewart craft paint). The dots on both of these were made with the end of one of the glue sticks that goes in a hot glue gun.

Pumpkin painted black with pink polka dots

These were really fun and easy alternative to carving (and should last longer), and they look great on our porch!

Painted and glittered pumpkins sitting on front steps



Maddie’s Infinity Scarf

So, I have another sister-in-law, Maddie (I know, I got a lot of family when I married this guy :P), who also graduated from high school this year. I decided to knit her present, and I had the perfect yarn:


It’s a yarn called Rhapsody Glitter Light in color 234, from a company called Artyarns. This particular blend is 85% silk and 15% mohair, with some Lurex thrown in, and it’s a dream to work with. It’s crazy soft, but the mohair makes it so that the yarn doesn’t slip, which can be a problem with fully silk yarns.

I had it on good authority that Maddie’s favorite color is blue, so I knew this yarn would be exactly right. The same authority (her Mom) sent me a bunch of patterns that she’d liked on Ravelry, and most of them were an infinity scarf or cowl type of pattern. None of them quite worked with this yarn, though, and I was stubborn about it, so I decided I’d just make my own. This is what I came up with:


It’s a fairly simple pattern (available at the link below!), just a lace and cable repeat, but I love how it shows off the absolutely gorgeous yarn.





There’s always a little moment of uncertainty when you give someone something you’ve made, especially when the pattern is yours too, but Maddie loved it! The color is perfect, and she’s going to college in colorado in the fall, so the warm mohair will be perfect for the winters there. I’m pretty happy that both graduation gifts were a hit!

Edit: the pattern is now available in my ravelry store: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/maddies-infinity-scarf. Thanks to all who expressed interest!